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Brenchley Choral Society recognises that the law requires any organisation involving young people and vulnerable adults to take all reasonable measures to ensure that the risk of harm to their welfare is minimised and, where there are concerns, to share them with other local agencies. 

Brenchley Choral Society does not advertise itself as an activity suitable for children or vulnerable adults.  Most choir members are independent adults.  It happens only rarely that a young person or vulnerable adult may join, rehearse and perform with us.  We also welcome anyone, which may include children and vulnerable adults, to our performances.

Choir rehearsals and performances are group activities, and there is no need for a member of the choir to be alone with another member of any age.  Brenchley Choral Society is therefore unlikely to be targeted by a person seeking opportunities to abuse children or vulnerable adults. Nonetheless we recognise the need to be aware of safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults and the Committee has therefore agreed this Safeguarding Statement and Guidelines as we believe that everyone has the right to enjoy the activities of Brenchley Choral Society in a happy, safe and secure environment.


Membership: should any child or close relative (under 18) of a member of Brenchley Choral Society participate in choral rehearsals or performances with us, the member must act as a responsible adult.  Should any other child/young person participate in any Brenchley Choral Society activities they must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult who remains responsible for them throughout rehearsals and performances.

Joint concerts with schools:  Brenchley Choral Society will make appropriate joint working arrangements to ensure that school groups will always be in the care of their teachers and helpers and/or parents who will bear responsibility for their welfare at all times.  This does not detract from the choir’s general responsibility to provide a safe environment for joint activities and the principles of this safeguarding statement and guidelines still apply.

Audiences and Social Events:  Brenchley Choral Society is aware that children and vulnerable adults may attend their concerts as members of the audience.  It is the responsibility of the parent, guardian or carer to ensure adequate supervision. If a parent / guardian / carer is not personally attending an event this policy requires them to be satisfied that the child or vulnerable adult will be accompanied and adequately supervised by a responsible adult acting on their behalf at all times.

Safeguarding Concerns: Brenchley Choral Society notes the importance of being alert to signals of abuse and to the difficulty children or vulnerable adults may have in reporting it. Any concerns must immediately be reported to a member of the Committee.

October 2021

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